Financial Analyst Cover Letter: Examples & Templates to Fill (2024)

This financial analyst cover letter sample beats the market.

In a pile of applications, it’ll sparkle like a sky-high EPS.

That’s vital, because you can’t blend in and get the job.

So—hook them with a stunning fact. Then trot out your skills.

How? By filling in the blanks in this professional cover letter for financial analyst jobs.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • Two sample financial analyst cover letters: one for senior and one for entry-level financial analyst positions.
  • Steps to write the perfect cover letter for financial analysts.
  • A template financial analysis cover letter you can custom-fit to your career.

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Let’s start with two great cover letter examples for financial analysts:

1. Financial Analyst Cover Letter Examples

Meet Fred.

This is not his first financial rodeo.

He’s been on the job hunt for 2 months. And he’s determined to get hired now.

Fred just found a great opening with his dream firm. It needs skills in financial modeling, cost standardization, and comps spreads.

The hiring team will love him for this senior financial analyst cover letter sample:

Example #1: Experienced Financial Analyst Candidate

Text version

Fred Pareja


3559 Village View Drive

Fort Myers, FL 33901



Heidi Bussler

Human Resources Director

Oakenhaft, Inc.

1359 Owen Lane

Fort Myers, FL 33901

Dear Ms. Bussler,

When the CEO at Stratolance, Inc. asked my team and I to find 20 low-revenue projects, I thought it was impossible. However, after conducting in-depth comps spreads, we found 30 low-earners and saved $1.4 million for the company. My love of financial analysis and skills in data mining and financial modeling made it happen.

I'm very excited about the CFA opening at Oakenhaft. The job is perfect for me thanks to my 5+ years of experience using Oracle and data visualization skills to reach accomplishments like:

  • Financial modeling.Created high-level financial models in a $200M tech firm. Built new pricing scheme that increased customer loyalty by 27%.
  • Cost standardization.Standardized costs with less than 1% deviation, saving 10 jobs previously marked for elimination.
  • Comps spreads.Raised revenue 22% in 1 year through using comps spreads to find new business opportunities.

I'd love to talk with you about how I can help raise revenue and lower costs at Oakenhaft.

Kind Regards,

Fred Pareja, CFA


PS—I'd also be glad to discuss how I helped beat previous client satisfaction scores by 20%.


With that sample cover letter for financial analyst jobs, Fred can expect an income-bearing phone call soon.

“But I don’t have that kind of financial analyst experience!”

Don’t fret.

A financial analyst cover letter with no experience can still be John-Templeton-level.

For instance?

Say hello to Andrea. She’s an entry-level candidate hunting a financial analyst job.

She found one she loves, but it needs skills in financial modeling, financial analysis, and data mining.

This sample cover letter for a financial analyst position will raise her working capital:

Example #2: Entry-Level Financial Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Financial Analyst Cover Letter: Examples & Templates to Fill (2)

Text version

Andrea Marchi

Financial Analyst



Gordon Tamas

Human Resources Director

Expers Research, Inc.

587 Poe Lane

Kansas City, KS 64106

Dear Mr. Tamas,

Anne Horvath suggested I apply to your entry-level financial analyst position at Expers Research. She was my financial accounting professor during my MBA at Andrews University. She feels that my passion and skills in FP&A fit your mission, vision, and needs.

I would love to use and grow my talents at Expers, because I know you need an entry-level financial analyst skilled in financial modeling, analysis, and data mining. I concentrated in financial analysis for my MBA. I also excelled in data mining and created financial models that helped a local animal shelter increase fundraising by 25%. This allowed them to avoid a planned closure after a 40% budget cut.

I would value the opportunity to discuss what you're looking for in an entry-level financial analyst. Could we set up a time to talk next week?

Best regards,

Andrea Marchi, CFA



Andrea has one up on Wall Street with that financial analyst cover letter sample.

2. How to Write a Cover Letter for Financial Analyst Jobs Step by Step (Template)


Let’s get you hired with a Philip-Fisher-level cover letter.

Here’s how to write a cover letter for financial analyst jobs:

1. Use the Best Financial Analyst Cover Letter Format

Financial analysts can’t use fuzzy thinking.

Your cover letter format has to prove your mind is FINRA-worthy.

Here’s how to format a financial analyst cover letter:

  • Use the three paragraph method.
  • Set margins at one inch.
  • Left-align all cover letter parts.
  • Use single line spacing.
  • Write a half-page to one-page cover letter for financial analyst jobs.
  • Pick a single cover letter font and use the same one in your resume.

Expert Hint: According to The Princeton Review, entry-level financial analysts work long hours for low pay, with lots of travel. The more experience you show in your FP&A cover letter, the more clout you’ll have for higher pay and better work flexibility.

2. Put Contact Info in Your Cover Letter Heading

How do you start a financial analyst cover letter?

By showing you’re no stranger to the business world.

Put the right contact info at the top.

See this cover letter sample for financial analyst jobs:

Financial Analyst Cover Letter Example Template: Heading

[Your Name]

[Title and/or CFA]

[Phone Number]


[LinkedIn Profile]


[Hiring Manager Name]




[City, State, Zip]

Use the same formatting in your financial analyst resume.

Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


CREATE YOUR COVER LETTER NOWFinancial Analyst Cover Letter: Examples & Templates to Fill (3)

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3. Name the Hiring Manager and Job Title


If you don’t stand out like Jack Bogle, they’ll skim your financial analyst cover letter.

What’s the best way to get noticed?

Research shows our brains light up like NYSE wall monitors when we hear our names.

So, address your cover letter directly to the hiring manager.

Then segue to an eyeball-grabbing fact.

Use this template:

Financial Analyst Cover Letter Sample: Paragraph #1

Dear[Hiring Manager’s Name],

When the[Your Former Boss’ Title]at[Your Former Company’s Name]asked my team and I to[Big Challenge You Faced], I thought it was impossible. However, after[Task You Performed that Fits a Skill the New Job Needs], we[Massive Achievement You Attained]. My love of financial analysis and skills in[Skill #1 from the Job Ad]and[Skill #2 from the Job Ad]made it happen.

A+ rating.

That sample cover letter for financial analyst jobs could get you in at Nationwide.

The big achievement will make the hiring manager stop thinking about random walks.


What if your financial analyst experience is underfunded?

In an entry-level financial analyst cover letter with no experience, start with:

  • A name you can drop
  • A fact you like about the firm
  • A high moment from school

4. List Financial Analyst Skills & Accomplishments

You deserve a job.


As Clint Eastwood says, “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”

Your cover letter for financial analyst jobs needs to prove you’ll exceed expectations.

How can you do it?

With financial analyst achievements that fit the job like profitability fits financial position.

Do that in your second paragraph.

Example Cover Letter for Financial Analyst: Paragraph #2

I'm very excited about the[“financial analyst” or “CFA”]opening at[Company Name]. The job is perfect for me thanks to my[#]years of experience using[Skill #1 from the Job Ad]and[Skill #2 from the Job Ad]to reach accomplishments like this:

  • [Financial Analyst Skill #1]. [FA Achievement #1]
  • [Financial Analyst Skill #2]. [FA Achievement #2]
  • [Financial Analyst Skill #3]. [FA Achievement #3]

Expert Hint: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 329,500 financial analyst jobs in the US. They’ll grow at 6% in the next 10 years, with a median salary of $85,660 a year. Some analysts earn $50K and some earn $100K. Send your financial analyst cover letter and resume to lots of jobs. Hold out for one at the high end of the range.

5. Ask for an Interview

Don’t be timid.

Asking for the interview shows you trust your skills.

Do it with a call to action in the last paragraph of your cover letter.

Here’s a sample financial analyst cover letter closing that works:

Sample Cover Letter for Financial Analyst Jobs: Call to Action

I'd love to talk with you about how I can help[Company Goal]at[Company Name].

Kind Regards,

[Digital Signature]

[Full Name, Title]

[Phone Number]


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Key Points

To write a cover letter for financial analyst jobs:

  • Write a three-paragraph financial analyst cover letter.
  • Start with the manager’s name.
  • In paragraph #1, wow them with your best FP&A achievement.
  • Use the second paragraph to show CFA accomplishments.
  • End your cover letter for financial analyst positions by asking for the interview.

Do you have questions about writing financial analyst cover letters? Need more cover letter samples for financial analyst jobs? Let’s chat in the comments below. And thanks for reading!

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As someone deeply immersed in the world of finance and financial analysis, I understand the crucial role that a well-crafted cover letter plays in securing a job in this competitive field. The article you've provided offers valuable insights into creating compelling cover letters for financial analyst positions. Allow me to provide a breakdown of the key concepts discussed in the article.

  1. Introduction to Financial Analyst Cover Letters: The article emphasizes the importance of standing out in a sea of applications and highlights the need to capture the attention of hiring managers with a stunning fact. It suggests using a professionally written cover letter to showcase skills and make a strong first impression.

  2. Two Sample Cover Letters: Senior and Entry-Level: The article provides two sample cover letters – one for a senior financial analyst position and another for an entry-level role. Each sample is tailored to showcase relevant skills and experiences, demonstrating the versatility required for different levels of expertise.

    • Senior Financial Analyst Cover Letter (Example #1):

      • Highlights the applicant's experience in finding low-revenue projects.
      • Showcases skills in financial modeling, cost standardization, and comps spreads.
      • Quantifies achievements, such as saving $1.4 million for a company.
    • Entry-Level Financial Analyst Cover Letter (Example #2):

      • Mentions a referral from a former professor.
      • Emphasizes passion and skills in financial modeling, analysis, and data mining.
      • Provides an example of using financial models to increase fundraising by 25% for a local animal shelter.
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Financial Analyst Cover Letter: The article offers a step-by-step guide to crafting an effective cover letter for financial analyst positions.

    • Cover Letter Format:

      • Advocates for a clear and concise three-paragraph structure.
      • Recommends left-aligning all parts, using single-line spacing, and maintaining a one-inch margin.
      • Advises using a consistent font throughout the cover letter and resume.
    • Contact Information and Addressing the Hiring Manager:

      • Encourages placing contact information at the top of the cover letter.
      • Emphasizes addressing the hiring manager by name to create a personal connection.
    • Showcasing Skills and Achievements:

      • Recommends highlighting relevant skills and accomplishments that align with the job requirements.
      • Stresses the importance of quantifying achievements to demonstrate impact.
    • Closing with a Call to Action:

      • Encourages concluding the cover letter with a strong call to action, expressing eagerness for an interview.
  4. User Testimonials and Additional Cover Letter Examples: The article includes testimonials from users praising the variety of templates and the ease of customization. It also provides a list of other cover letter examples for positions in accounting and finance.

In summary, the article serves as a comprehensive guide for financial analysts, offering practical advice, examples, and a template for creating impactful cover letters tailored to different career levels. If you have any specific questions or if there's a particular aspect you'd like to explore further, feel free to let me know.

Financial Analyst Cover Letter: Examples & Templates to Fill (2024)


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