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Any lover of the color pink who has their own car is undoubtedly going to want to deck it out in everything pink! Just how far can you go with pink car accessories? You’d be surprised!

Pink car novelties

Pink car bow (Link)

Ever wondered how they wrap a big pink car bow around a car? Wonder no more! Check out this magnetic pink car bow! It’s ideal for the lucky gift recipient of any car, but it’s perfect for the lover of the color pink. This 22” pink car bow doesn’t have to be limited to use on cars either, any large purchase for a gift recipient can be adorned with this easy to adhere magnetic bow! Completely reusable, this big pink gift bow is weather resistant so you can use it over and over again!

Pink car eyelashes (Link)

Pink car eyelashes are something to behold and these light pink lashes for cars are no exception! From the official company of creation, these pink Car Lashes are universal, meaning they can fit any car or truck. Plus, the high quality of these pink car accessories means that you’ll have them for a long while to come!

Pink car mustache (Link)

If you’re looking to give your car some true pink character, then this hot pink mustache decal is just what you’re looking for! Perfect for a car or truck, this vinyl sticker measures 6” by 2” and is sure to be seen!

Pink tint film (Link)

This pink tint film is a great way to add a little pink color to the exterior of your car lights! The light chameleon pink isn’t too strong of a color and the film simply sticks right to the fog lights! With 12” x 84” of film cover, this roll includes plenty of film to deck your pink car out completely!

Pink car accessories

Pink ashtray (Link)

This pink ashtray for your car is more than the average ashtray! This hot pink smokeless ashtray is also flameproof and covered in rhinestones for that extra bit of bling! An added LED light helps smokers find the ashtray in your car in the dark and the lid keeps cigarette smell to a minimum when not in use!

Pink seat covers (Link)

This fuzzy pink seat cover is not just perfect for adding color, but it’s sure to add plenty of comfort to your car too! Made from long wool sheepskin, this bright pink chair pad is great for protecting bare legs from summer heat and insulating you against a winter chill!

Pink floor mats (Link)

Pink floor mats come in all varieties but these metallic pink floor mats are something that really stand out from the competition. Not too bright, but perfectly pink, these floormats are semi-trimmable and can be used in a car, truck, or SUV!

Pink steering wheel cover (Link)

This light pink steering wheel cover is perfect for cold weather climates! The baby pink wool steering wheel cover stretches to fit any steering wheel between 35cm and 43cm. Ideal for protecting the original steering wheel in any car from peeling or cracking due to sun exposure, this can be used year round for car customization!

Exterior pink car accessories

Pink license plate frame (Link)

This hot pink steel license plate frame is UV resistant and a perfect slim design for any car. The pink license plate frame itself has two screws for easy installation and pink screw caps to cover those unsightly screw heads! Made from stainless steel, this frame is guaranteed not to corrode or rust.

Pink car rims (Link)

Konig is one of the most trusted names when it comes to rims and these white and pink rims are perfect for customizing any car! 16” rims with a 7” rim width, these painted 1-piece cast pieces have 5-bolt holes. Manufactured under strict guidelines, these rims will add just that perfect touch of pink.

Pink racing stripe decals (Link)

Whether you have a sports car or just love the look of racing stripes, these universal pink racing stripes are easy to install! A light pink, these pink racing stripes look perfect against a white paint and are rated for between 5 and 7 years of UV resistance. From FGD, these pink decals are from a brand that has been trusted by car lovers worldwide.

Pink car window decals (Link)

Pink car window decals like this hot pink hibiscus window decal are always a big hit and a simple but tasteful way to show love for the color pink! This pink flower decal has a 5-year warranty, is water resistant and measures 8” x 6”. Of course, if pink flowers aren’t your thing, there are endless possibilities for other pink car decals!

Pink car lighting

Pink interior lighting kit (Link)

This pink interior lighting kit is a little different from the more traditional pink car lighting kit! This set includes universal fit pink car lighting with a wireless infrared remote control to control lighting easily. Easy to install with 3M double-sided tape, these lights can be used under seats, in foot wells, under the dash and just about anywhere else you can imagine!

Pink underbody lighting kit (Link)

These hot pink car underbody lighting kits are a favorite among twenty-somethings who really want to make their car stand out! This kit comes with high intensity pink LED lights. 126 pink mounted wide-angled lights come in two 36” tubes and two 48” tubes that fit directly underneath the car. Plug and play makes this pink lighting kit simple to install too, so you don’t have to know your way around cars to get these installed!

Pink dashboard lighting (Link)

These hot pink dashboard lighting bulbs add a touch of pink in a unique way. Perfect for the young driver or the lover of the color pink who is looking for something “different”. These pink instrument gauge lights are LED, measure 5mm X 18mm and are compatible with a wide range of car models and makes. These don’t fit the car you have in mind? Don’t worry, there is a wide variety of sizes available to choose from, this is just one example of the sizes available.

Pink LED light strip (Link)

A pink LED light strip can add a touch of color and a touch of flair to the interior of any car! These 12V LED strips are 8mm wide and use 3M double tape that can be fixed to any surface inside the car. Better still, this pink lighting strip can be used outside the car as well since the 3M double tape is waterproof! This strip comes with 60 lights per meter and five meters of lighting, so it’s more than enough to light up any car interior!

Other pink car accessories

Pink fuzzy dice (Link)

Fuzzy dice are an icon for many new drivers, but these pink fuzzy dice add a whole new dimension to the pink lover in your life! These 3” x 3” square dice aren’t so big that they cause distraction and they’re perfect for your first-time driver to customize their rearview mirror. Better yet, know someone who just purchased a pink convertible? This is the perfect addition!

Pink tool set (Link)

This light pink tool set is perfect for emergency roadside assistance. The kit comes with a lifetime warranty and includes everything needed for a roadside emergency. Included in the kit is a crank flashlight, jumper cables, reflective triangles, a poncho, a safety vest, pink gloves, pink screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, pink pliers, electrical tape, and cable ties. The ideal gift for the new driver or the back of any car!

Pink visor storage (Link)

A hot pink visor storage compartment is perfect for any lover of hot pink who also loves to stuff their mail under the visor of their car! This multipurpose storage piece features plenty of pouches for storage of mail, pens, sunglasses, phone, and just about everything else. The perfect gift idea for a teen or a busy on the go professional who hates clutter!

Pink waterproof seat cover for dogs (Link)

Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean you can’t cover that back seat in style! This pink hammock cover for the backseat is a beautiful bright pink with white flowers. The hammock shape keeps dogs contained, stopping them from slipping off the seat or through the two front seats. Plus, this piece is waterproof so any accidents or days at the lake are no problem at all!

More pink car accessory ideas!

There is no limit to how much pink you can add to one car! You can customize everything from your lighting to your seat covers. If one of the ideas we suggested above doesn’t meet your needs, there are plenty more to choose from! How about a pink car storage pouch, pink windshield wipers, a pink phone holder, a pink car trash can, a pink cup holder, or a pink cover for the car remote?

Looking for ideas pink style ideas? How about a pink bedroom or rose-colored computer? Or visit our main pink style portalfor even more.

Customize your ride with pink car accessories - Lady Qs (2024)


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